2010 FIFA World Cup – Group A-H Schedule

"Whoa" what a night to remember.

Colin and I watched the game at Bonansa restaurant with our friend Caroline and her young daughter Leila.

Everyone was dressed in red, the colours of the Spanish football team and they were all wearing our badges that I had designed.

When Andres Iniesta scored the only goal in extra time everyone in the restaurant jumped up and started celebrating.

There was fireworks been set off all over.

It was even worse when the final whistle went and Spain were the winners of the 2010 World Cup. The town of Cala Millor was a display of fireworks and car horns blowing.

After we left the restaurant we walked through the town and it was just crazy.

There was just one continuous line of traffic through the main street through to the town center and everyone was blowing their car horns and people were hanging out of cars with the Spanish flags been waved.

Many vans had fans sitting on the roof racks and there was several instant car washes as people had hose pipes out and washing down every car that passed.

Outside of Caferteria Can Cabra the the locals had moved a table, chairs and a large statue into the middle of the road and when a tour bus was approaching they moved the status in front of the bus. The driver left his bus and joined in the celebrations. It was just one night to remember.

As I sit and type this information ( 01.00am) I have my balcony door open and I can still hear the car horns and celebrations continuing.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is definitely the buzz around Majorca these days.

Wherever you go …

… the bars are busy getting prepared for what should prove to be an exceptionally exciting time in Majorca.

Below, we have listed for your convenience, the first phase schedule of the FIFA World Cup Matches.

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Here is the first phase schedule and results, as promised.



111/0616:00Johannesburg - JSC South Africa V Mexico 1 - 1
2 11/06 20:30 Cape Town Uruguay V France 0 - 0
1716/06 20:30Tshwane/Pretoria South Africa V Uruguay 0 - 3
1817/0620:30Polokwane France V Mexico 0 - 2
3322/0616:00RustenburgMexico V Uruguay 0 - 1
3422/0616:00Mangaung/BloemfonteinFrance V South Africa 1 - 2

Qualifiers for next round
Winners- Uraguay

Runners up - Mexico


312/0616:00Johannesburg - JEPArgentina V Nigeria 1 - 0
412/0613:30Nelson Mandela Bay/ Port ElizabethKorea Republic V Greece2 - 0
19 17/06 16:00Mangaung/BloemfonteinGreece V Nigeria 2 - 1
2017/0613:30Johannesburg - JSCArgentina V Korea Republic 4 - 1
3522/0620:30DurbanNigeria V Korea Republic 2 - 2
3622/0620:30 PolokwaneGreece V Argentina 0 - 2

Qualifiers for next round

Winners - Argentina

Runners up - South Korea


512/0620:30RustenburgEngland V USA1 - 1
613/0613:30PolokwaneAlgeria V Slovenia0 - 1
2218/0616:00Johannesburg - JEPSlovenia V USA 2 - 2
2318/06 20:30Cape TownEngland V Algeria 0 - 0
3723/0616:00Nelson Mandela Bay/ Port ElizabethSlovenia V England 0 - 1
3823/0616:00Tshwane/PretoriaUSA V Algeria 1 - 0

Qualifiers for next round

Winners - USA

Runners up - England


713/0620:30DurbanGermany V Australia4 - 0
813/0616:00Tshwana/PretoriaSerbia V Ghana0 - 1
2118/0613:30Nelson Mandela Bay/ Port ElizabethGermany V Serbia 0 - 1
2419/0616:00RustenburgGhana V Australia 1 - 1
3923/0620:30Johannesburg - JSCGhana V Germany 0 - 1
4023/0620:30NelspruitAustralia V Serbia 2 - 1

Qualifiers for next round

Winners - Germany

Runners up - Ghana


914/0613:30Johannesburg - JSCNetherlands V Denmark 2 - 0
1014/0616:00BloemfonteinJapan V Cameroon 1 - 0
2519/0613:30DurbanNethelands V Japan 1 - 0
26 19/06 20:30 Tshwane/Pretoria Cameroon V Denmark 1 - 2
4324/0620:30RustenburgDenmark V Japan 1 - 3
4424/0620:30Cape TownCameroon V Netherlands 1 - 2

Qualifiers for next round

Winners - Netherlands

Runners up - Japan


1114/0620:30Cape TownItaly V Paraguay 1 - 1
1215/0613:30RustenburgNew Zealand V Slovakia 1 - 1
2720/0613:30BloemfonteinSlovakia V Paraguay 0 - 2
2820/0616:00NelspruitItaly V New Zealand 1 - 1
4124/0616:00Johannesburg - JEPSlovakia V Italy 3 - 2
4224/0616:00PolokwaneParaguay V New Zealand 0 - 0

Qualifiers for next round

Winners - Paraguay

Runners up - Slovakia


1315/0616:00Nelson Mandela Bay/ Port ElizabethCote d'Ivoire V Portugal 0 - 0
1415/0620:30Johannesburg - JEPBrazil V Korea DPR 2 - 1
2920/0620:30Johannesburg - JSCBrazil V Cote d'Ivoire 3 - 1
3021/0613:30Cape TownPortugal V Korea DPR 7 - 0
4525/0616:00DurbanPortugal V Brazil 0 - 0
4625/0616:00NelspruitKorea DPR V Ivory Coast 0 - 3

Qualifiers for next round

Winner - Brazil

Runners up - Portugal


1516/0613:30NelspruitHonduras V Chile 0 - 1
1616/0616:00DurbanSpain V Switzerland 0 - 1
3121/0616:00Nelson Mandela Bay/ Port ElizabethChile V Switzerland 1 - 0
3221/0620:30Johannesburg - JEPSpain V Honduras 2 - 0
4725/0620:30Tshwane/PretoriaChile V Spain 1 - 2
4825/0620:30Manguang/BloemfonteinSwitzerland V Honduras 0 - 0

Qualifiers for next round

Winner - Spain

Runner up - Chile

4926/0616:00Port Elizabeth Uraguay v South Koerea 2 - 1
5026/0620:30Rustenburg USA v Ghana 1 - 2 AET
5127/0616:00Bloemfontein England v Germany 1 - 4
5227/0620.30Johannesburg - SCSArgentina v Mexico 3 - 1
5328/0616:00Durban Netherlands v Slovakia 2 - 1
5428/0620.30Johannesburg - Ellis ParkBrazil v Chile 3 - 0
5529/0616:00Pretoria Paraguay v Japan 0 - 0
5 - 3 penalties
5629/0620.30Cape TownSpain v Portugal 1 - 0

Quarter Finals

5702/0716.00Port ElizabethNetherlands v Brazil 2 - 1
5802/0720:30Johannesburg SCS Uruguay v Ghana 1 - 1
4 - 2 Penalties
5903/0716.00Cape TownArgentina v Germany 0 - 4
6003/0720:30Johannesburg - Ellis ParkParaguay v Spain 0 - 1


6106/0720.30Cape TownUruguay v Netherlands 2 - 3
6207/0720:30DurbanGermany v Spain 0 - 1

Match for 3rd Place

6310/0720.30Port ElizabethUruguay v Germany 2 -3


6411/0720.30JohannesburgNetherlands v Spain 0 = 1

Bellow you fill find the FINAL AWARDS.

Winner of the Golden Ball trophy, Diego Forlan

Winner of the Golden Glove trophy, Iker Casillars

Winner of the Fair Play trophy, Spain

Winner of the Golden Boot trophy, Thomas Mueller

Winner of the Best Young Player trophy, Thomas Mueller

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Diego-Forlan-golden-ball-trophy.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 Diego Forlan winner of Golden Ball trophy"> World Cup 2010 Diego Forlan winner of Golden Ball trophy

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Diego-Forlan-Gloden-Ball-award.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 Golden Ball trophy"> World Cup 2010 Golden Ball trophy

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Iker-Casillas-golden-glove-award.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 Iker Casillas winner of the Golden Glove trophy"> World Cup 2010 Iker Casillas winner of the Golden Glove trophy

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Golden-Glove-trophy.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 Golden Glove trophy"> World Cup 2010 Golden Glove trophy

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Spain-Fair-play-winners.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 Spain winners of the Fair Play trophy"> World Cup 2010 Spain winners of the Fair Play trophy

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Fair-Play-trophy.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 Fair Play trophy"> World Cup 2010 Fair Play trophy

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Thomas-Mueller-golden-shoe-award.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 Golden Shoe award winner Thomas Mueller"> World Cup 2010 Golden Shoe award winner Thomas Mueller

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Golden-Shoe-trophy.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 winner of the Golden Shoe trophy"> World Cup 2010 winner of the Golden Shoe trophy

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Thomas-Mueller-best-young-player.png" title="World Cup 2010 Thomas Mueller winner of the Best Young Player trophy"> World Cup 2010 Thomas Mueller winner of the Best Young Player trophy

href="http://www.welcome-2-mallorca.com/images/Best-Young-player.jpg" title="World Cup 2010 Best Young Player winner Thomas Mueller"> World Cup 2010 Best Young Player winner Thomas Mueller

Tonight we will be watching the game at one of the local bars here in Cala Millor. We will be making many badges for the local bars promoting the game with the words "Tiene Que Ganar ESPANA". Translated means Spain has to win.

Best of Luck to your team and we hope you enjoy the 2010 World Cup.

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